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6th Grade Graduation

May 31st, 2009 Comments off

Last Wednesday, May 27th, the West Melbourne School for Science held their graduation ceremonies for the 6th grade class. WMSS is ranked 3rd amongst all elementary schools in Florida. It was a very nice ceremony with a reception afterward in the media center. One of the highlights of the ceremony was the distribution of the President’s Award for Educational Excellence. A letter from President Obama was recited by the vice principal Lisa McBee. By maintaining a high GPA and performing exceptionally on the FCAT tests, Chris was one of only a few at WMSS to receive this award.

Below is an approximately 10 minute video with some of the highlights from Chris’s 6th Grade Graduation & Reception.

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Flash Video Format and 5k Run

May 23rd, 2009 Comments off

I think I am on to a solution for being able to put the videos up in Flash format which makes them more accessible to visitors using other browsers and operating systems. Turns out I needed to install an additional media player plug-in on the server. I still need to figure out the best way to get the video in the *.flv format in the first place. I still like VideoStudio for editing the movies… now if it would only save in *.flv without locking up.

OK, instead of using the *.flv file format, I am now using AVS Video Convertor to convert the *.wmv file to a *.swf (another Flash format) file. This seems to be working OK for me. I’d appreciate feedback on how this works (or doesn’t work) for eveybody else.

In other news, Chris and I ran in a 5k run this morning up at Wickham Park. I finished at 29:29 with Chris right on my heels at 30:00. It rained a bit off and on before and during the run. Vicky managed to stay dry and took some video of Chris and I. Here is a 3 minute video showing some of the highlights of today’s run.

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Adobe Premier Elements and another attempt at flash

May 22nd, 2009 Comments off

I downloaded a trial version of Adobe Premier Elements to try it out. Right off I don’t like the interface as much. I keep dragging video clips to the timeline, but only one shows up in the timeline even though the other clips are there as well. Anyway, I dropped a couple of clips in and saved as a FLV file. Let’s see if that works… nope. I’m not exactly sure where the problem lies. Looks like for now I have to stay with the *.wmv file format until I figure something else out.

*** Video Deleted ***

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