Chris’ Corner

June 10th, 2012

Hello, everyone this is my first ever post on a website, so im somewhat exited… what im hoping for in my “Corner” is to have an informal area on the website that my dad has set up. Also,i can suggest books for you to read, or anything else in my free time


btw i can also fill you in with any information about me you might want to know, that is appropriate of course.

  1. Lou Vickers
    August 31st, 2009 at 04:22 | #1

    Hi, Chris – I hear you have a new “Climbing C0ash”. Hope you like him as much as the one you had. How is school? I bet the lessons are harder this year, but I know that won’t bother you. I showed you picture from the Pizza 5k to some of the ladies I play bridge with, and they remembered when you were here and they met you. They were tickled to see your picture. It’s late so I guess I should go to bed. I have to take a friend to the doctor tomorrow. She had her big toe operated on and it’s hurting her. Goodnight, now, and have a good day tomorrow. I love you. Grandma

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