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Eurotrip 2012 – Day 3

July 21st, 2012 1 comment


At 6:30am we are awoken by a group of cattle that are being herded by ranchers in the field next to the campground. I didn’t even realize there were cattle nearby but as they were be rounded up, the only thing you could hear were the bells around their necks, and bellowing mooos. Yes, the cows had bells on and several of them were quite reluctant to be herded into the back of a truck. A well placed kick on the wooden sidings echoed their displeasure. Well, we are up now. May as well get started… We find breakfast at a nearby bäckerei – Bäckerei Feneberg. It is common for the German people to visit the bäckerei every morning to get freshly baked breads, cheese, and yogurts. So when in Germany…

Today we take a cable car to the top of the Zugspitze which is also known as the “Top of Germany.” The area was very scenic with a breath taking view of the surrounding mountains. The crisp cool air whipped about us as we scoped out the surrounding mountains.

We took another cable car down to a nearby restaurant where we visited a small church and the boys rode some sleds down the hill. While there, we hear and see a small avalanche of rock, snow, and ice cascading down the mountain side behind the restaurant, wow. For lunch I tried the meatloaf which is very different than the meatloaf I am accustomed to having. This meatloaf was like a slice of a giant frankfurter, except with no skin on the outside.

After lunch we took a cog-wheel train down the mountain. The train was very slow moving and while passing through the dark tunnels, both Chris and I began to nod off. Vicky pointed out a statue that was placed in a small alcove set into the tunnel wall. It seems that they have many guardian saints placed here and there to protect travelers.

We now set off in search of the 1936 Olympic Stadium. After driving around for a while, we find one – except it is the wrong one. Fortunately, the one we are looking for, the Olympic Ski stadium is not too far away and we soon arrive at our destination. Our real destination is not so much the stadium but the Partnachklamm Gorge which has a trail that follows a river nearby. This was one location where wish I had my Nikon D7000 + tripod as the lighting conditions were pretty harsh. But we still managed a few pictures with the trusty Nikon D50.

When we exited the gorge we had to pay. I was confused because we were exiting and I’m thinking, “No, I don’t want to pay to go see the gorge… I just saw the gorge.” But eventually I figured out that they only collect at one end of the gorge and as we had ridden the lift up we had entered from the top of the gorge instead of the bottom.

On the drive back to the campsite, we make our first stop for gas. I did not jot down the mileage so I don’t have the MPG. But here are the other vitals: 44.63L @ 1.609€/L = 71.81€ (translation: 11.79gal @ $7.80/gal = $92.01)

We make the drive back to the campsite and have dinner at Hotel Fischer am See where Vicky has the spargal, or white asparagus. The season for spargal is quite a celebration for the people here and is featured in many special dishes. We all enjoy some fresh apple strudel for dessert. Quote from Jason at dinner, “There is no good. There is no bad. There just ‘is’.”

That evening, a bit after 10:00pm, we saw people staring and pointing at the mountains. All along the ridgelines and off into the distance, fires were appearing on the Austrian Alps – sometimes in lines, sometimes in shapes such as a heart, cross, or wine-cup. A local indicated that this day (June 16) was an Austrian national day, and that, over those front mountains we could see, all the mountain-tops in Austria would be alight.

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