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Eurotrip 2012 – Day 9

July 27th, 2012 Comments off


Another difficult night for sleeping as a tremendous thunderstorm rolls in while we lay cowering in our tents. After we get up and ready, we find another bäckerei on our way during a two hour drive to a city in the Czech Republic where they have the 5-petalled Rose medieval reenactment on the day of the summer soltice. Time to get some gas… here are the vitals: 50.28L @ 1.389 €/L = 69.84€ (translation 13.28gal @ $6.62/gal = $87.89)

We come to find out that the major attractions of the reenactment such as the jousting do not occur until late tonight or tomorrow. As it is, we took a tour of the Ceský Krumlov Castle and then walked around checking out at the wares of the street vendors. We took a break for a while to watch a few street performances. Chris tried his hand at archery and did quite well.

Many people were dressed in period attire. Apparently admission is free for those dressed up. We stopped for lunch and enjoyed conversion with a local who was also in costume and enjoying a beer.

On the drive back to the campsite it was unfortunate that both cameras were in the back of the car because we saw the funniest sight. As we came around the corner there was a man, thirty something, who was on a hybrid of short skis and roller blades complete with poles. The funny thing though is that he was wearing white short shorts that looked like tighty whities – and nothing else.

After Vicky retired to the tent for the evening, Chris and I went inside the gasthof to watch a Eurocup 2012 soccer match. The match was between Germany and Greece. It was quite an experience watching the match with half a dozen locals cheering for Germany. I didn’t know what they were saying, but I clearly understood when they were happy (or not) with the progression of the match, and occasionally there would be shots of Schnapps passed around in celebration. Germany won 4-2 and all was good.

I did not write down the cost of the camping, but the host was gracious enough to not charge for the night we retreated to the gasthof near Salzburg. But I recall the price being somewhere around 110€ for the 4 out 5 nights.

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