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Eurotrip 2012 – Day 2

July 20th, 2012 1 comment


Up and at ‘em! I try out the razor included in the overnight bag KLM gave us since we needed some essential items. That razor hurt so bad that I almost went out with just one side of my face shaved. “Honey, be sure to take a picture of my good side!”. The gasthof has breakfast already waiting for us when we get down to the restaurant. Breakfast consisted of extra strong coffee, breads and jams, fresh yogurt, deli meats and cheeses, and soft boiled eggs in little cups.

Today we visit Hohenschwangau Castle and Neuschwanstein Castle. While walking through the castle on a tour, a Japanese group in front of us repeat to each other the instructions of the tour guide, “Ascend! Ascend!” when we reach a set of stairs with 63 steps. This became our battle cry throughout the vacation as we climbed many stairs with many more steps.

While standing on Marienbrücke , (a bridge with a fantastic view of the castle) I ask a young lady to take a picture of the family. She proceeds frame the family into the picture but does not move in order to put the castle in the background. I politely add “with the castle”…

Here are some interesting tidbits from the tour. The castle was commissioned by Ludwig II of Bavaria and the influence of Richard Wagner is seen in paintings throughout the castle. King Ludwig had the first telephone in the area but could not call anyone as he was the only one with a phone, so he bought another phone for the village near the castle. Ludwig II spent much of his personal wealth and the income of the kingdom in the construction of castles and artwork; this among other things caused his advisors to think of him as “mad”. A medical doctor collaborated with that opinion and thus the king was disposed. Strangely though both he and Ludwig were found drowned shortly after that; accident?

During World War II, the regents for the family of the Bavarian Kings did not agree with the Nazi movement and they attempted an assassination of Hilter. They failed earning the wrath of Hitler. Thus many of the families, women, and children were captured and sent to concentration camps. Many died while only a few survived to be released at the end of the war.

OK, time to drive back to Munich and get our luggage. After getting our bags we set off in search of an OBI store (similar to a Home Depot) in order to get some supplies. They have the propane tanks, but the connections are different that what our grill needs. Well, guess we’ll get a new grill, too. Off to the campsite!

As we get close to the campsite, we find the bridge is out. We turn around and start searching for a different route. Eventually the GPS recalculates a new route which takes up this one lane country road through a wheat field – I kid you not! I am just glad there was no oncoming traffic. We eventually find our way through to a quaint little town called Hopfen am See. What a beautiful lake and mountains in the background too.

By time we get to the campsite and get our tents set up it is already after 9:00, and we are hungry. We decide to walk into town to check out one of the many restaurants. But, one after another we find the restaurants closed – and it is Friday night! Jason remarks that here in Germany they “Roll up the sidewalks” at dark. We finally find the Riviera Restaurant Pizzeria Cafe is still open and enjoy a nice meal. In addition, way off in the distance, we could see some big Disneyland like fireworks.

At dinner we let Chris try some Dunkel or dark beer (drinking laws are different Germany). He takes a sip and states, “This doesn’t taste as strong as I remember.” To which Jason replies with, “That is because you are a man now!” We all bust up laughing.

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