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Ireland 2017 – Day 2

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Friday, May 5, 2017

Through the night I started watching The Arrival (and promptly fall back asleep) and The Accountant (and fall back asleep once more).

Sleeping on the plane is never restful despite how much sleep one may manage to get. We are still both very tired as the breakfast cart comes down the aisle. We are seated on the right side of the plane where there is nothing to see except ocean and clouds; Iceland is now off the left side of the plane bringing back memories of last year’s vacation.

About an hour outside of Oslo, there is a medical emergency on board. An announcement is made over the intercom asking for any medical personnel while flight attendants are scrambling to get first aid kits. We are not sure exactly what happened; this was not an air rage incident like we’ve seen in the news recently. I thought I saw a de-fib kit as a flight attendant rushed up the aisle and I speculate someone may be experiencing heart trouble. It appeared that an IV was set up and the patient was moved to the forward area where we had crossed over upon boarding the plane. We never did see them use the de-fib kit; but it was hard to discern anything from our vantage point.

The patient must have been stabilized as the plane proceeded to Oslo. Granted, I am not sure where else the plane could have landed. Once we reached the airport, we had to remain in our seats while emergency crews came aboard from the back of the plane. Surprisingly, they let the plane disembark before removing the patient. However he was curtained off in the aisle cross over area so we still didn’t see much. Perhaps they needed to take him out the back of the plane on a stretcher to an awaiting ambulance, and curious people would just be in the way.

Upon leaving the plane we have a decision to make. We could either go along a corridor to a waiting area for our flight to Ireland or we could go through passport control and enter the Schengen Area. Ok, what is a Schengen Area you may ask. Apparently it is the place that has shops and restaurants, while the other option seems like it will be more of a holding area for a flight that is still several hours away. We imagine rather bare white walls and stiff airport chairs as we turn to the much longer line. After we make our way through passport control, we find a Starbucks for some much needed caffeine. A couple of mochas are 96 Kronos (or about $11.50). The steep prices brought back memories of our Norway vacation over spring break in 2011 when we spent over $100 on a light lunch. We later find out that there is a group of 26 European countries that support free passage between borders. These are mostly EU countries, but does include a few that are outside the union, and then there are a few that are part of the EU but are not Schengen, most notably for us, Ireland.

As our flight time approaches we again make our way through another control area and show our passports. The lines for EU citizens moves much faster than ours, but the excursion into the land of muffins and coffee has had a calming effect and we don’t mind. A short two and half hour flight takes us from Oslo to Dublin. As we are approaching the airport on the runway, we can see several large hares grazing on the grass alongside the runway. Accustomed to the noise of the airplanes, they are relatively safe from any predators, so perhaps this makes for good home, they certainly seem well fed.

Once we negotiate the lines at the Avis counter, we have the rental car we find ourselves in Subaru Forester about 9pm. The steering wheel is on the right-hand side of the car while the stick shift in on my left. We attempt to enter in the name of the B&B on the navigation device we are borrowing from Avis, but the closest we can get is a partial address, fortunately Vicky has quite precise directions including which exits to take from the roundabouts. Thus we make our way to the B&B on the left-hand side of the road for a good night’s sleep – or so I thought…

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Ireland 2017 – Day 1

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Chris is taking classes in Galway, Ireland over the summer giving us the opportunity to visit the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. Jason was able to join us for the first week; Chris travelled with us for two weeks, then Vicky and I spent a week on our own in Scotland.

We did not manage to keep our journal up to date during the vacation as you will see that we kept very busy. By the end of each day, there simply was not enough time or energy to log the day’s activities, but we will make note of our memories of our vacation days as we share the pictures.


Thursday, May 4, 2017

Norwegian Airlines DY7052 flight out of Orlando is aboard and leaves right on time at 11:05pm. It is way past our normal bedtime and we are sufficiently tired enough to hope we can sleep for a few hours on the flight. This begins the 9 hours journey along the east coast of the United States and across the North Atlantic to a stop in Oslo, Norway where we will catch a connecting flight to Dublin, Ireland.

Once airborne, I start watching a Die Hard movie and fall asleep within a few minutes. I would have liked to stay awake for the movie as I had not seen it before. But like I say it was way past my bedtime and I needed whatever sleep I could get. Vicky is always amazed that I can put on an action movie and I fall asleep despite the explosions and gunfire. The smell of food being served awakens me to enjoy a small hot meal well after midnight or is it actually only 8pm given our arrival time zone.

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